Benefits of having property insurance in South Carolina

One of the benefits of having property insurance in South Carolina is that it will cover for any injuries or bodily harm that visitors or guests experience on your property. While it’s nice to think that you won’t have to pay for those expenses, it would still be much better if you could avoid any of those incidents all together. The last thing you want is to have to go through a sloppy lawsuit filed by a neighbor or visitor who was injured on your property. There are many ways you can manage liability exposures in and around your property to steer clear of these unwanted incidents and these simple tips and tricks should help you reduce the risks.

Managing Liability Exposure

  1. Swimming Pool Security – Pools are particularly dangerous for small children because of the usually wet surroundings and slippery floors. Leaving your pool open and accessible to unsupervised kids could lead to a world of trouble if they manage to injure themselves or worse. See to it that your pool is fenced in and kept hidden from the eyes of outsiders who might attempt to sneak in when no one’s looking. You might also want to buy a pool cover for when the feature is not in use.
  2. Dogs – Many insurance companies have restrictions on the breed of dog they’re willing to cover. This is because some dogs are seen as higher risks than others. See to it that your dog is always kept on a leash, in an enclosure, or in your dwelling. This will reduce the likelihood of it running out and biting or hurting a passerby or neighbor.
  3. Trampolines – If you’re thinking about buying a trampoline for your property, you should probably talk to your insurance agent first. There are a whole lot of insurance companies that refuse to include trampolines in their property insurance in South Carolina because of the many risks that surround its use. Check if your insurance provider would agree to include your trampoline in your coverage or if you will be responsible for making the payments associated with injuries incurred on your trampoline.
  4. Walkways and Porch Steps – There is a high incidence of people tripping and falling because of loose tiles on walkways and porch steps. Make sure that yours are secured in place and won’t cause any trips that could potentially lead to injury.